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Welcome to the Nanothermal Research Group Website

The group is hosted in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin. We run an extensive research program in the area of nanoscale heat transfer and thermal metrology. Our work is funded by Science foundation Ireland, the Irish Research Council and a number of Industry partnerships.


Thermal metrology in nanoscale systems is a challenging task. We are constantly striving to develop new techniques with improved resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity. Some of the techniques that we have developed to a high level are listed below.

  • Frequency Domain thermoreflectance
  • CCD based thermoreflectance imaging
  • 3w technique

We offer a range of unique services for industry:

  • High resolution temperature mapping (Sub 1μm)
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity both thin film and bulk.
  • Measurement of thermal and electrical interface resistances.
  • Electromagnetic and Thermal finite element modelling.
  • Transient thermal measurements
  • Thin film adhesion and stability measurements

If you are an academic and think that our techniques may be of use to you please contact us with a brief description of your problem. We are interested to collaborate as part of consortia for European funding calls.

Research Interests

We run an extensive research program with projects designed to further fundamental understanding of heat transfer processes in nanoscale systems, and projects to develop these processes into real world applications.  Improving energy efficiency and sustainability is a major driver of the work.

We have worked on problems on thermal management in heat assisted magnetic recording,  integrated diode lasers, RF microelectronics, and thermal inkjet printing. We are particularly interested in active control of thermal transport and study novel thermoelectric material and devices, systems.

More information on our current activities can be found in the section on Projects.

  • Nanoscale heat generation and thermal transport
  • Thermal metrology systems.
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Selective solar absorbers.
  • Low dimensional systems (quantum dots, quantum wells, nanowires, nanotubes and 2D materials)
  • Nanofabrication (EBL, UV litho, FIB, Helium ion microscopy and lithography)
  • Plasmonics and optical metamaterials.
  • Thermal design in microelectronics and Integrated optics.
  • Diamond photonics and NV centers.
  • Optical microresonators
  • Near field optics and non-linear optics
  • Thin film adhesion and device failure mode analysis.
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