Increasing Energy Output from Solar farms

Solar Photovoltaics technology is coming of age:

  • There has been a 10-fold cost reduction in last 5 years.
  • Solar PV can outbid fossil fuels and provide electricity at a lower cost in some arid climates.
  • In Ireland over there is planning permission for 3GWp of power already granted or in pipeline.

The Problem

  • Efficiency of Solar PV decreases with increasing temperature.
  • In regions with high solar resources such as Africa, the Middle East, USA and Australia, solar panels can reach up to 110oC during the summer months.
  • Solar PV can have a 30% drop in efficiency under these conditions.

Our Solution

We have developed a cost effective, scalable solution to retrofit existing Solar Panels to significantly reduce operating temperatures without any additional operational cost, or downtime. The technology will work to improve efficiency by up to 20% regardless of the solar cell design or generation.

Temperature of a silicon solar cell across a typical day in Summer in New Dehli using state of the art SOA conventional panel (BLAC­­K), retrofitted with our tech (RED), replaced with a new solar panel we design. (BLUE).


In total we can get 17% more energy out of each solar panel each day during a hot summer day using our technology. This can be retrofitting to existing solar farms to increase their productivity. The increase in energy would allow solar farm developers and operators to offer electricity at a lower price and compete with other renewable technologies and fossil fuels for energy tenders.